Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 72+ Legs and Back

Well, I have to be honest. Yesterday's TND (Tuesday night dinner) was fantastic. Two of the people who are regular participants had what they called a "MEATGASM" feast. This meant basically all meat. The official menu actually read "Meat, Meat, Green Shit, More Meat" (there was an optional salad, which nobody ate). The only down side of this mean, which I covet so much, was the chocolate dessert. Normally I would pass on such a thing... but this was "sexual chocolate" and everyone was being wimps and wouldn't eat the phallic one. So I told them to man up, nobody did, so I ate it. Thankfully it wasn't well endowed. So my consumption was minimal, but I really should be setting an example for the people I workout with, and keep telling "Not to eat sugary foods" because nobody likes to be a hypocrite.

On another note, I think I might flip back to having eggs in the morning. I will still continue to eat powerbars in the afternoon, but lately I have been having a sensation that I want my 6pack to be more defined (or return, or however you want to phrase it). So starting soon, I think I'll start cooking eggs in the morning and waking up a bit earlier to do that.

Aside from that, I weighed in at 152lbs this morning, not too shabby after the Meatgasm... The best "____gasm" there is...

Legs and back should be a challenge trying to get us all doing the moves at the same time especially pullups.


  1. Hey Carl; you got an tips for increasing energy naturally (ie without increasing my caffeine intake?)? Thanks for your continued comments!

  2. Hey Gina, I'm going to answer your question here and on my blog. But I figure you'll probably see your own comments first before you see mine.

    Question: How to increase energy without taking caffeine?

    Answer: Before I answer, I presume the question also implies "Without eating a crap ton of sugar/carbs" also.

    It's tough. And I know you've just recently hopped back onto the P90X train. And you're gonna feel weak and wonky, as I assume that's why this question came up.

    First lets take a quick look at where our body's energy comes from. Mainly 2 places. Sugar and Fat. When we eat sugar our bodies produce insulin. Once insulin is produced it does one of two things it either takes sugar in the blood stream and moves it to your muscles/organs for energy, or it stores that energy as fat. Which is the exact reason why you hear about marathon runners eating starchy foods prior to their 2.5hr race. But, here in P90X land and specifically in the "Fat Shredder" section, that's NOT what we want to be doing.

    So here's the TRUE part of my answer. The next 2 weeks are going to suck-like-hell. What's going to happen is you're going to continue eating high protein, low carb, foods and your going to be exercising at an intensity higher than normal. Your body is going to be COMPLAINING like nobody's business. You're going to be tired, hungry, irritable, and probably unhappy. This is definitely expected. What's gonig to happen is you'll very slowly get used to functioning on lower insulin levels (generally takes about 2 weeks). In the mean-time, the best way to combat this weak and uneasy feeling is to do a few things...

    1. Go to bed early. I can't stress this enough. You have a late night show you like to watch? Tivo it and watch it the next day's afternoon. Get yourself at least 8hrs, 9+ is better.

    2. If you're dragging throughout the day - eat some fruit (banana 30g sugar or apple 19g sugar) right before a workout or activity (like mowing the lawn). It's not really best, cuz you're confusing your body a bit... but you'll get through your workouts and it's nice natural food. So I won't point any fingers.

    3. REALLY COLD WATER. When I say cold I mean 1 cup with 9 icecubes in it. It's more ice than water. Drink it down when you feel slumped. Often times the cold-spike alerts your system and gets you focused (but doesn't last too long). This won't get you through a whole workout, but might keep you focused at work if you're having lulls.

    4. Space out your meals. Since you're eating less carbs, the energy you get is coming from fat + protein - a much SLOWER delivery source. You'll want to space out your meals by no more than 2ish hours. This way you get a slow-trickle all day long. Which is great for you body and fat-burning.

    Other than that... grab a coffee or better yet a tea. But I REALLY REALLY dont suggest this. I know I fall victum of it all the time, but it's not good and I do my best to stay away.

  3. Thanks for the advice! I drink 1/2 caff early in the am (5-5:30am about a cup & a half) & another serving of reg at work when I get in between 8-8:30am. Otherwise I drink just water (cold water mostly) all day. Once in awhile I'll throw in a caffeinated tea during the day & at night some decaf herbal. Good suggestions, I appreciate your thoughtful response. Really like your soda facts; e-mailed them to a lot of folks. Carl, you so smart;-)