Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 57+ Back and Biceps

Yesterday's leg workout was quite nice. I actually did it with a co-worker. Something tells me he'll be sore today. What is it with me not taking it easy on the rookies and then they're not interested in working out with me ever again? Perhaps I just get TOO into it.

I weighed myself this morning, after I fed the cat and myself (we ate different food, trust me). 151lbs. Right about where I thought I should be. Since being off the chemicals, I've lost a bit of weight. Partially because I was being so wishy-washy with the working out. But hopefully I can put some bulk back. Day 30 pics I think I weighed close to 155lbs, so gonna be hard to gain 3-4lbs in a couple days, especially muscle.

Without having too many posts about powerbars, I had a question about the sugar content. I believe the carb content of powerbars are 21g of sugar ~ 14% or 15% of one's daily sugar intake. I'm not sure if that constitutes high or not, but a yogurt is typically in the 18%-20% range, and I'm sure an apple is also in that 15-20% range too. Plus powerbars have 9 or 10g of protein, which is fantastic. Some of the Harvest bars have 12g, but I won't go into that until I do a more detailed post on their differences.

No I am not being sponsored by Nestle or do I have an affiliation with them. But it sure does seem that way doesn't it!? Maybe I should. I wonder if I'm photogenic enough to be their "poster child" Dreams of grandeur. In the mean-time, I'll keep plugging away at my 8-5job. I hope everyone is doing well in their own fitness world!


  1. I watched Jackie whatshernames new show, "Thintervention," & mind you these are weighloss contestants, but she told them to throw out anything with more than 5grams of sugar, interesting...talked about how yogurt wasn't a good choice due to too much sugar, but cottage cheese had some kind of ingrediant that was fat burning & a better choice. Food for thought....

  2. Yogurt has too much sugar??? Even the plain ones?? Or was she talking about the ones with fruits at the bottom?

  3. I know that the yogurt I eat, which is fruit on the bottom, has 26g of sugar. It's a generic Wegman's brand... so I don't know which manufacturer makes it. Perhaps Hattori is right. If you remove the fruit, will the sugar content go way down? According to what I can find on websites - anywhere from 3g to 19g for plain yogurt, so that wasn't conclusive enough. I'll have to check the grocery store.