Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 83: Why P90X isn't fair

"If you start to get squirrelly, come out of it." -Tony Horton- Legs&Back

Before I say anything, the title of this post is not an excuse or me whining. It's a challenge.

Why I think P90X is not fair (and this may be different from person to person). When I started P90X I weighed 168lbs. Currently I weigh 149lbs, which is fantastic. Here's where the fairness comes in... nearly all of the exercises P90X requires are body weight (squats, lunges, pull-ups, chin-ups, sit ups, push-ups, the list continues). Granted, yes, when I started I could only do 20 chinups, now I'm doing 25ish, but where's the glory? I've lost 12% of my body weight (resistance) and am now doing 15-20% more reps. To me, that's not all that impressive - it's more like EXPECTED results.

So, what do I plan to do about this imbalance? Well, for starters, yesterday's legs and back I wore a backpack containing two of my heaviest college books (Anatomy and Physiology + Biology) throught the whole workout (with the exception of wall-squats). This brought my weight to 173lbs. Doing chinups and squats at this weight is far more note-worthy and respectable than doing them at my new weight. So my hopes for the rest of Phase 3 will be to continue challenging the system with improvements. Without added resistance, I'm mentally beating myself up.

I'm not yet sure what I'm going to do with ab-ripperX, perhaps 1 book on my chest, but we'll see. KenpoX tonight after work. I'll see what happens with the backpack.


  1. I have weights that clasp around your hands; if you choose to continue that could be a good addition to a kickboxing workout. Good luck with your last little bit!!

  2. Hm I might do that in the future, thx for sharing the tips!

  3. Wow! Way to step up the game. I'll be interested to hear results.

  4. So far, from one day's experience. DEADLY.

    I was so hungry this morning I could have eaten a whole grocery store, including the structure itself.