Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 102: Platelet Donation (Reverse ARX + 100/100)

"If you get tired during the lunge sequence, you're gonna run outa gas in this workout" -Tony Horton- PlyoX

Yesterday I did two things, and I will give both creators due-credit:

1. Reverse Ab RipperX (suggested by Hatori)
2. 100 pullups/100 pushups (suggested by Brett)

I have to admit, both work. My strategy for reverse ab-ripper-X was to not cheat. Do all 25, do them slow and methodical, since I don't have Tony's timing. Holding each leg climber and doing nice slow mason twists and holding your arms up on bicycles really burns the core.

Also, for my 100/100 routine, I did sets of 10. 10 pullups (wide front), 10 pushups (standard), back to 10 pullups, back to 10 pushups, etc. etc until I reached 100 of each. It took me about 14minutes and it was mostly me standing around saying to myself "WHAT AM I DOING?" then jumping up to the bar, rockin' out 5 or 6 only to come back down and give myself another minute before I could get the 4 to finish off the set. The pushups were definitely easier than the pullups. And most certainly the first 3 sets I pumped out one-two-three. But once I hit 50, I was running low on gas.

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