Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 32+ Kenpo Cardio X plus

Here goes my 2nd round with Kenpo Cardio X. It should be fun, last time I really enjoyed it. But I was sweating to the oldies like Richard Simmons! Speaking of which, I wonder where Richard is these days. He was super popular in the late 80's early 90's you could consider him the Tony Horton of his time. Oh well, I'm sure he's out there somewhere comforting fat women and maintaining his afro in his pile of money.

Yesterday's workout was fantastic. You know, really all the workouts this week I felt very pleased with. Pushed myself really hard, did all the reps I had previously done, and sometimes I even increased the weights. I'm definitely thinking I'm gaining some bulk... It's been very difficult for me to dip below 150lbs, which means at minimum I think I've gained 3-4lbs.

Sunday will be a bit of a challenge. I won't have a pullup bar or access to the gym, so I might miss a day. But tomorrow I plan on taking day 30 photos and post them up on the blogosphere. I've got my fingers crossed for some decent results. My day 110 photos were awesome.

One final note... I got a wedding invitation the other week and in the response line there was this M____________________ section. I didn't know what it was for, so I looked it up, it was a place to put your name down, but it was too late, I already filled it with the most appropriate M-word I could find: Maritodespotism, meaning "Tyrannical ownership of a woman by a husband". Yay for having too much free time!

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