Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 8: Chest&Back + Weigh-in

After my StretchX "Day-off" I went full force back into my chest&back routine. Things went pretty well. I didn't see any improvement in my diamond push-ups or dive-bomber push-ups, but I was able to tack on some additional pullups and regular pushups. AbripperX, however, is still hit or miss. Some days I dominate it, others I flop big time. Today was more of a flop. I had to pause multiple times to recover, but I stayed with them the whole time, albeit a few reps short.

Another challenging thing I've noticed, weekends and eating out are not good for the P90X diet! Chinese food, although I didn't eat any carbohydrates, I know is not good for me...and I may have had a little more than my otherwise regular portion size.

This morning I weighed myself. Before my shower, I weighed 162lbs, down approximately 6lbs from the beginning of the program. Now, I understand the whole concept of good tests and taking multiple measurements, etc. So I know there is some wiggle room with a 6lb reduction in weight. But I know I have lost! So that's all that matters. I just need to keep it going!

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  1. I wonder... is it easier or harder working out with another person? Do you do more or less than you think you can? I don't do it hardcore so I really can't tell. But I think it went by a lot faster than the rest of the week. You have to admit that it brings comedic value into it, two people making fun of Tony is a lot better than one.