Wednesday, March 10, 2010

1 Week Before Starting

This is my first post.

A friend an I are about to embark on a journey. Together, we shall try to conquer the P90X fitness program. I will do my best to document the voyage as frequently as possible. My expectations are:
1. Give daily/weekly updates on how I feel (mentally, physically, and emotionally)
2. Keep track of any physical/appearance changes
3. Post pictures (if I can remember to take them)
4. Review products I purchase to help me along (shakes, equipment, food, etc.)
5. Just keep friends/family informed
I have heard this program to be grueling and difficult. I really want to make it through and I really want to confirm/deny the P90X's ability to get people into great shape in 90 days.


  1. Hey buddy, great idea! All that is missing is the naked before picture.

  2. I do plan on taking before pictures. But seeing as how this is still 1 week before starting, I have some time to figure out just how naked I want to be. I was thinking at least shorts, but perhaps running shorts.

    Dont worry, they'll be plenty of pictures - assuming I keep up with it. I'd expect by Monday I'll have a before picture posted.