Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 9+ Back and Biceps - Screw yoga!

Best meal ever. Tuesday night dinners (sometimes referred to as TND) happen every Tuesday with a group of friends from work, some of which might actually read this blog so I won't name names. But the two girls were absent and it was yesterday's plan to have a "MEATATARIAN" night. Oh my goodness it was absolutely fantastic. The menu consisted of Pork Kabobs, Steak wrapped in bacon, and fried chicken. I probably had 2lbs of meat in 20minutes. All of it was marinated overnight to perfection and cooked fantastically. If I am ever on death row and offered a last meal, I want exactly what I had last night, only more!

Not that it matters too much, I've decided to do Back and Biceps today instead of yoga. Mainly because I have been enjoying the whole weight lifting so much, and with the creatine monohydrate I haven't had any problem recovering overnight. It's quite amazing! It takes me longer to get sore while working out, then when I finally reach my limit, I'm back up and ready to go at it again the very next day! I just have a feeling that yoga will slow my bulk-up process down. Thus today will be yoga-free.

Sorry yoga maybe next week. (secretly congratulating myself on this evil scheme).

On the downside, I forgot my HULK-A-MANIA drink at home. I even measured out the 2 scoops and put it in my shaker container. I just left it sitting there on the counter. Looks like I'll be using that TOMORROW for legs&back. Not a huge deal.

Last night I purchased over $50.00 worth of tuna/salmon. It's unlike me to spend a lot of money (esp. at the grocery store), but I was tired of going to the store every week to get aluminum-sealed bags of fish. So I just went all out and bought like 25 of each. Well, without counting, it was more like 20 tuna and 15 salmon (I think the salmon is like $0.50 more expensive). So now I have enough for a month, shouldn't be a problem anymore.

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