Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spain Day 1: Landed

"Look at the teeth, WHYY? She's studying to be a dentist. Look at those teeth, unbelievable, off the charts, like chicklets going across...beautiful!"
-Tony Horton- PlyoX

Flights from the US to Europe are a bit strange... you leave late at night and arrive early in the morning... the only problem is, you'd expect your traditional 8-10hrs of sleep. Except, due to the time change (and because you're bouncing around on an airplane), you only get about 30mins of sleep, if you're lucky. I wasn't so lucky:

Due to the volcanic ash cloud (from Mt. howthehelldoyoupronounceit), we had to fly an alternative route, which took us up and above Great Britain. However, our plane did not have enough fuel to make the trip without stopping. So we had to do the plane version of a Chinese fire-drill in Glasgow, Scotland. Once topped off, we were back on our way. Except the plane arrived about 3 or so hours late. Oh well, all I planned on doing today anyway was orientation/safety meeting stuff.

My rental car is a Skoda. Confused? So am I. What the heck is a Scoda? I'm a car junky and I don't even know what the heck one is. Turns out it's a Czech car company, which instantly made me think of the great old Mr. Plow Simpson's episode where Homer is buying a car and the salesman says "She'll go 300 hectares on a single tank of kerosene!" I have a feeling if I said that, people might actually take it seriously.

But things look good so far. I'll scout out a place to eat dinner. It's already 6:00pm, turns out the plant personnel leave around 7:00pm, so that'll likely be when I head out too!

I think I might do ab-ripper in the hotel room. Its only 15 mins and I know it by heart. That way I can keep my mid-section in shape for beach-season. ;-)

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  1. sounds like a super long plane trip. I hate to stuck on the plane..my butt just hurts! Imagine flying for 22 hours?