Friday, May 14, 2010

Day ???: Jamon (not PETA / vegetarian safe)

I don't know what P90X day I am on, I guess I could look at my calendar and figure it out... but when I create a new post the calendar goes away. It's my 4th day in Spain! I'm having a good time, but I need to get a lot done. Every night is an adventure, the plant personnel take the liberty to escort me around Madrid or Pinto and have fun showing me different sights/foods. I'm glad they come with me, because without them I would have no idea what I am ordering - OR - I would end up ordering things I understand like "hambourgesa" or "papas fritas" which is clearly hamburgers/fries.

Some of the more interesting things I've eaten are: Tortillas (not Mexican tortillas, but Spanish ones, made from eggs and potatoes.) If you can eat two tortilla's you should try out for an eating competition - they are about the size of an apple pie. We split one as an appetizer 4 ways and I was almost too full to have the entree.

I've had JAMON (they say Ham-on... I say Jamon, sometimes Jamin') twice now. I guess dried ham is a delicacy in Spain. It's quite peculiar. They are in very thin slices (think bacon), but uncooked. Heavily salted and dried for many months (think beef jerky). The combination is very unique and quite delicious. But the true delicacy is Iberian ham (I don't know if I am spelling it correctly). It's a type of black-pig that is fed only acorns. And the pork meat is very dark red. I guess a typical leg costs about 300euros ~$500 USD. I was lucky enough to be a part of a plant celebration (one of the managers is having a child, and so it's tradition to buy this food and share it with your co-workers). But I was more than just lucky to eat it... he gave me the opportunity to cut it! And some of the other operators were very excited that I was able to take part in this Spanish celebration. (see picture below)

I am having a great time! But all this heavy eating is going to set me back big time!

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