Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 23: CoreSynergistics

Alright, so a new workout today! A fresh change of pace! And I really liked it. To start, you get hurled into staggered pushups (a personal favorite of mine), but they want you to max your reps. 45 pushups is not the most fun way to start a workout. And keep in mind there are plenty more pushups to come after that initial surge.

But the pushups get intermingled nicely with ab-poses and lunges. So thankfully I didn't burn myself out in the first 10 minutes.

Speaking of the first 10 minutes, I liked how the warmup was nice and long... and the cooldown was nearly just as long. It really cut the workout down to less than 40minutes.

The harder of the workouts were: Steam Engine (50reps both sides), Superman, and Sphynx Pushups. If you can do those 3, you've got this exercise down.

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