Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 48: KenpoX this afternoon

"Give me a 'Hey!', Give me a 'HoHo'" -Tony Horton- Legs & Back

Yesterday was a tough day, workout-wise. I did my legs & back in the afternoon, and for whatever reason it was that much harder. Perhaps it was the blood donation the day before, perhaps it was the fact the last time I had eaten was 12:00pm... who knows, all I know is that when I got to the Debbie Seiber 80-20's I nearly passed out.

To give myself some recoup-time, I laid down on my back and just hung out for at least 5 minutes making sure I would be okay. I drank some additional water and then finally got back up and finished the workout. Once I took my mini-break I was more than okay to muscle through AbripperX, but I really felt light headed/nauseous during the last leg exercise.

However, I added up my total pull ups for the 1hr workout: 151!! That's up 25 from last week. Granted I was all jacked-up about the numbers, sorry Tony... I know you said not to be. Perhaps I will tone it down next week.

Which reminds me: Next couple of weeks will not be standard P90X format... I will shift next week's recovery week to May 9th week, and I will shift the last recovery week (of Phase 3) to the week of May 16th. Leaving me with 4 workout weeks (one next week) and 3 upon my return from Spain. I figure this will have the least impact on the schedule as possible, even though I'm not too keen on having two rest weeks back to back.

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