Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 19: Legs & BACKPACK

I woke up this morning... I was a little nervous about doing heavy lifting. My blood donation ended at 7:30pm the night before, and it's 5:15am the next day. Clearly still within the 24hr no-heavy lifting ban. But my arms felt good, I did not experience any bruising or tenderness, so what the heck, lets do this!

I went through legs and back pretty swiftly. I didn't jump during the 80-20's... for whatever reason I just couldn't muster up the gumption to leave the ground. However... in my defense, for EVERY EXERCISE (with the exception of wall squats) I wore a backpack filled with my gym stuff + water bottle. That's right, pullups, chinups, lunges, groucho walk, squats, and even the warm-up, I wore a 3ish pound backpack! I really liked it.

When it was all over, and time to do abripperX, I felt exhausted. Most of my chinups/pullups came down significantly from 15-17reps to 10-12. Which is better for muscle building. I think next time I'll start adding some educational material to the pack. For now, I'll call it "my homework assignment." I'm looking forward to picture day on Saturday. I'm starting to see a lot of definition in my front/chest/abs.

Weekend challenge: Stay away from bad food over Easter.

Next week: Easy workouts.

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