Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 76: KenpoX

"...otherwise get your knees up. Get your friggen' pants up!" -Tony Horton- KenpoX

KenpoX, always a great way to wind-down the last exercise of the bunch. I actually did kenpoX in the morning, a rare thing for me. It was okay, I struggled a bit getting out of bed. Thankfully, kenpoX is short, one of the shortest P90X workouts.

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend, I'm not quite sure how fitting in the workouts will go, perhaps Sunday I will fail to do the chest/arms workout due to lack of equipment, but Monday should be okay for Plyo. All I need is the video and some shoes, which I will have both.

So the weigh in this morning was 149.0lbs. I've clearly dropped again. This is now the lowest weight I've been in a very long time and I still have a few weeks left of phase 3. I hope to put on some muscle mass and gain some weight back, but I need to be careful not to put back any fat weight.

I forgot pictures last week, so I'll be sure to note that in my photo update. But I expect to take one tomorrow and post it (like the others).

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