Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 18+ Kenpo Cardio Plus

I'd like to draw your attention to my counter! I added this little feature the other day in hopes to monitor just how many people visit my site and read my nonsense. Well as it turns out, everytime somebody clicks a link or is redirected on the site I get another tick on the counter. So, the reality of it is: Take whatever the counter reads and divide by 4 or 5 to get a true understanding of how many readers visit this site. (Plus probably half of them are me trying to make posts, which ultimately yields a ton of clicks).

Today will be Kenpo Cardio Plus day. Right on schedule with P90X+ program. Next week is my 4th week, but I plan to get back into early workouts (5:00am) I'm tired of having to go to the gym in the afternoon, so now I think I am going to flip back to morning workouts, which worked so well for me for so long. I'll let you know how the transition goes.

My first successful completion of "Abs Core Plus" yesterday, it's a hell of an ab-workout! 25 minutes long, intervals, leg raises from the pullup bar, cherry bomb, Russian twist situps, you name it and it's in there.

I really hammered through Legs&Back. Perhaps it was the hulk-drink talking, but I know some people at the gym and we were having chin-up competitions. In a 5 minute spurt I think I put up 45chinups. 21,8,6,6,3,1? Something like that! Very proud of myself. And then I continued to go through the Legs&Back stuff.

After work: Kenpo+ (and perhaps an ab routine).

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