Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 2: Full Steam Ahead.

So, no bumps in the road yet. Things seem to be going pretty good. Sunday afternoon I did the Chest&Back workouts with AbripperX tacked onto the end. I actually found the 15minute AbripperX to be more challenging than the 1hr workout before it. I made it through, most of the pushup exercises I accomplished 20reps (both times), with the exception of the diamond pushups (only did 10). And Chin/Pullups I did around 10 per set (both rounds).

This morning, I woke up early @5:45 to get the Plyometrics workout in. Boy, they weren't kidding. I found myself slacking multiple times, not necessarily to catch my breath, but I often found myself half-squatting or half-lunging, when I should be digging deep! It's a sacrifice I had to make in order to stay with them. I assume by the 3rd + 4th week I'll be able to "BRING IT" as they like to say in the DVDs.

My breakfast consisted of eggwhites and mushrooms. It was pretty tasteless. And I actually burned the roof of my mouth eating it. I was running low on time (approaching 7:30am) and I needed to head out the door for work, so I at them while they were piping hot. Big mistake. I've been peeling the skin off the roof of my mouth all morning. Lesson learned; wake up at least 10mins earlier for the next exercise.

How do I feel? I feel pretty good. Waking up early and getting the exercise out of the way is definitely a wise decision on our part. Let's just hope I can get to bed ontime so that I can keep up the pace!

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