Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 16: Plyometrics + Tuna Bags

Plyometrics seems to get easier and easier everytime I do it. Don't get the wrong idea though, when I say it gets easier, it's all relative to the starting difficulty (which is very challenging). I still struggle with the rock-star hops and the high intensity knee jumps, but with due time, I should have those down.

I figured since there isn't much to talk about today, I'll discuss another food item I've swapped into my daily diet. Starkist fresh white albacore pouches. Now, I'm not 100% what albacore is... but it tastes a lot better than the chunk-light tuna that I used to get. For anyone who doesn't know what I am talking about the package looks like this:

I really like this product, I eat them once a day for lunch. My only problem with these bags of joy are their flavor'd counterparts. If you're shopping in the store and you pick up a pouch of fresh-white albacore (or chunk light tuna) you'll notice the nutritional facts outlined on the right. 60 calories, 12% protein, etc. If you pick up a bag of zesty-lemon tuna or any of the other starkist brand seasoned tuna's you'll see the exact same nutritonal label. But read closer! On the seasoned bag, the serving size is 2.5! Where as the serving size for the plain kind is just 1. So although the information is identical, the quantities are completely different. Don't be duped like I almost was! I still haven't tried the flavored ones, but I'm sure they are delicious, just watch yourself! They are NOT the same!

Oh and by the way, a Tuna pouch runs anywhere from $1.00/bag to about $1.69/bag, depending on which store you get it at. So far the cheapest place I've seen them is at walmart (fancy that). This week I am trying the slightly more expensive cousin of the tuna pouch, the salmon pouch... I'll let you know how it goes.

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