Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 6: KenpoX (to be completed this afternoon)

I actually feel more tired waking up today at 6:45pm, than I did all week waking up at 5:15am to do my workout routines. Either way, since it's Friday, I plan to do my P90X workout sometime after work. I've been told it's a snooze-fest, so the goal is to add 2.5 weights to my hands while I do the program.

Tomorrow will be my first rest day, and I very much look forward to that. I'll give StretchX a try, seeing as how I figure it's there for a reason. Plus I will take week 1 photos and post them.

I can already tell I have lost some weight. Probably in the 2-4lb region. Not bad for 1 week of diet & exercise, although in all honestly I think it's heavily bias toward the diet, and not the exercise.

I feel pretty good and I look forward to increasing my reps/weight next week!


  1. Hey there, I see you're just about a week in. Congrats on finding the motivation to get started. Looking at your goals you're definitely on the right program for it. Good luck moving forward.

  2. Great job! I actually like Kenpo but I'm a fan of cardio kickboxing. It is the slowest workout though, so I know a lot of people who add hand weights. Keep up the great work!