Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 20: KenpoX & FastX

So, I was unaware that on Good Friday, you're not supposed to eat anything but lunch and dinner... hmm... plus you aren't supposed to eat any "meat" (I quoted meat because for some reason religious folks don't think fish - the animals that swim - are meat. Oh well. I guess the only downside to this fasting thing will be that I have to do KenpoX today. I'm glad this day fell on KenpoX and not PlyoX or Legs&Back day, because let's face it. After those days I need me food!

KenpoX was fine. I added 2lb weights to my hands for the whole routine, including the jumping jacks and blocks. It wasn't vastly harder, but I definitely could feel it working a bit more. The only downside is that I have a feeling my joints were extending fully, which Tony specifically suggets not!

Also, today I will post Saturday's photos as I probably won't be online.

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