Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 3+ Chest Shoulders Tris

So far everything seems normal. I was at the gym the other day and a middle-aged woman (who introduced herself as Jan) was asking about my ab routine - which I was doing reverse abripperX (with reps of 30 instead of 25). After I finished I showed her; fifer scissors, oblique V-ups, leg-climbers, and mason twists. She was very impressed with the difficulty of the moves. I told her it was from P90X and she instantly knew what I was talking about. I thought the whole experience was quite nice.

Today will be another muscle training day, chest-shoulders-tris (CST). Definitely one of the better workouts. It's not super hard, but you feel the burn after your couple hundred pushups. I like doing this one at the gym because you can use free weights for things like Pour-Flies and weighted circles.

It's going to be a rough first week with P90X+. I think the interval training is going to spank the crap out of me. I think it will be harder than plyo (and oh, plyo is still in the rotation). Other than that - woke up a bit late for work this morning, so I skipped my shower.

I've started to take the creatine monohydrate in the mornings and afternoons. I was informed I need to load up my first week. Then once the stores of ATP have been generated I can start relaxing the dosage - perhaps one scoop/day instead of the two I am taking now. And I haven't taken the workout drink yet, but I assume it will give me a much needed energy boost to get through some of the more difficult workouts (I'm talking about you Legs & Back).

It's been hot as hell where I live, been sweating like crazy during workouts, even in the air-conditioned gym.

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