Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 41: KenpoX

"Where do you feel that!? ... EVERYWHERE!" *Dreya responds* "BOOTY!" -Tony & Dreya- Legs&Back

So Earth day is over, I'm back to my normal routine of eating an endangered species for breakfast and washing it down with a Styrofoam glass full of gasoline. Yesterday was a productive afternoon. I was able to fix my lawn mower blade, start my new computer build, and do Legs&Back all in one afternoon. Plus I was able to watch survivor!

Today I'll be doing Wesley Idol's favorite workout; KenpoX. But I won't be doing it until the afternoon. I really enjoy KenpoX, I think it's one of my favorite workouts, and quite possibly the most fun cardio workout. I've even started to do some kenpo moves when I jog... Cross, uppercut, cross, uppercut... just don't fall over, and expect people to look at you funny in the gym.

My weight is down, yet again, this morning. 153lbs. The last time I weighed 153lbs I had just taken the training wheels off my bike for heaven's sake! And I think I had Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bed-sheets too (FYI). Okay, okay, you got me. I still have TMNT bed-sheets... but only because they are awesome! That makes the total weight loss so far 15lbs in less than 6 weeks.


  1. Congrats on the weight loss success. From round 1 of p90x I dropped a couple pants sizes which was cool.

    Thanks for the tip on running. I'm trying to get out there as much as I can. As I might have mentioned before I'm looking to run a 9.3 miles race in July, so if you have any more training tips keep them coming!

  2. So glad to hear you are back to your earth destroying ways. I too have returned to walking around to each room of my house and turning on or plugging in every piece of electrical equipment I can find. While letting my car idol outside, spraying aerosol room freshener, and drinking out of non-recycleable plastic water bottles. Phew! back to normal.