Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dat 22+ C/S/T abs coreplus

So today is the big day - Starcraft 2 hits the shelves!! Technically, I've already purchased it... it won't be arriving at my door until Tomorrow sometime since I had it delivered (silly me). But the good news is, I'll be able to put in another solid workout before the game sucks my life away and I become a fat slob mindlessly clicking Drones and SCV's to build units and take over enemy forces...

On a completely different side note, I was talking to a guy at the gym (one of the biggest guys there) who was doing these bizarre kettle-bell exercises. Turns out he's in the USA Strong Man competition and he is one of the top 5 kettle bell lifters in the nation (for StrongMan). He was telling me how I should try it. But I think he was more interested in the fact that most of the strongman lifters are so big... there are almost no "light weight" strongmen. His thinks I should compete! I sorta laughed, but I don't know. Perhaps I'll give it a try at the gym? Maybe it'd be something I like? If not, oh well no big deal.

Listened to a song last night by Bob Sinclaire and Ben Ohono called "Rainbow of Love" was the most trippy experience of my life - but I was SO HAPPY when it was over. I don't know if it was the music or the video or both, but the whole package was just a smile-creating experience.

In the next couple of posts, I think I am going to try to do some research on different diets and exercises and talk about the physics, chemistry, biology of things. I don't know why I want to suddenly start talking about this stuff, but I feel the need to utilize some of my biochemical engineering background and share that with everyone... Not 100% sure what I want to talk about yet, but I'll come up with something, do some extra research on the side then piece it all together. Maybe I can do one a week for everyone to learn a little something. On slow weeks maybe I'll paraphrase an article on a fitness product and why/how it works.

In the meantime. I'm going to listen to some Bob Sinclaire!

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