Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 42+ Paintball weekend

Saturday, I went paint balling. I even have some welts to prove it. But it was a lot of fun. It's a shame it only lasted for two hours, but if it were to go any longer... I'd need to find a second job because, unbeknownst to me, paint balls are pretty expensive (in the ballpark of $0.10 per ball). I guess they are actually much cheaper - but when you buy them on-site, they raise the prices on you.

Today I get to workout with the trainer again, this time he'll be training me. I look forward to learning some new tricks. Nothing terribly new to report... Except for maybe: Starcraft2 is slowly taking over my life, and I've only thus far played the Terran race. See, now even my fitness blog is talkin' about it! Oh this is bad, I need help.


  1. At least you're still dedicated to your workout and seems like you're getting better at it, even the fitness trainer wants to learn from you :D

    I on the other hand feel like I'm slacking off on my workout. It's pretty hard to keep the intensity when I'm just working out on my own.

  2. Good luck getting your butt kicked; I'm sure you'll be able to hang!

  3. Hattori --> Also keep in mind you're on round 3... a whopping 180+ days into the proram. I'm only 154th day. I have been slowing down on the weekends, missing my Sunday workout.

    Gina --> Oh it was kicked. No luck required. I survived the hour, but only by the smallest margin possible. But it was a good learning expericne. Plus it reminded me the importance of timing, whih I have lost since I have been doing P90X without the videos at the gym.