Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 49+ And we're back

Yesterday's TND was delicious. I had never cooked ribs before, but they were wonderful. Unfortunately, no opportunities to workout yesterday, so we'll just forget about that today and press forward like nothing happened.

At work I have been consuming more coffee than normal, perhaps I should blame Starcraft 2 for being up a little later than normal each night, or perhaps I'm just getting "cravings" regularly, but I have discovered it's not crappy coffee at work (although it still isn't great), it's actually crappy creamer. So I've axed that portion of my coffee and switched over to just plain sweetner (sucralose/splenda). Even though it's not water, I guess you could argue it's not BAD for you... I'm at one or two cups a day. Perhaps I should kick the habit before I go back on creatine - which suggests not consuming many diuretics.

Next week will be kitten week. I hope to still be able to hit the gym, but I think I'll be excited to head home early to check on him and play. I'll play it by ear.

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