Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 80: PlyoX + Back and Bicep

"Give me the double-double... doot-doot" -Tony Horton- PlyoX

Two stories today, both kinda short, but both kinda funny.

1. On my drive to work, I was eating my powerbar breakfast (keep in mind at 78degF/24degC powerbars tend to have a consistency of playdough). I got to a stoplight and needed to unwrap the packaging a bit more to gain access to the bottom half. Well in my haste, the powerbar slipped out of the wrapper and landed on the car floor. I picked it up a little saddened by the event. I looked at my now fuzzy powerbar and continued eating.

2. Yesterday I had a PlyoX workout buddy! It was fun doing it with somebody else, because NOBODY wants to volunteer to do Plyo. About 25 minutes into the workout, he started to struggle and then said "It's a lot easier reading about P90X on your blog, than actually doing it!" It was funny, but I was dying too. It was dry and I hadn't done Plyo in a while. We paused a couple times, but he made it through! Well done Dr. P


  1. Aw, so sorry about your power bar :p
    It's great to have a buddy workout! I usually do my P90X stuff alone in the early morning while everyone's sleeping.

  2. Keep plugging away! You're almost there.

  3. Keep in mind, Day80 is not actually Day80... because of Spain I'm about 16ish days behind. So it's actually only on workout 66-67. And I intend to go to 90 workouts to equate 1 round.

    80 of 106