Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 47: Back and Bicep (post-poned)

"Time for crunchy frog, EVERYBODY gets their hands off the floor!" -Tony Horton- AbripperX

I woke up this morning, after yesterday's Apheresis adventure... and my arms just were not up to the challenge. So I decided to turn off the alarm and go back to sleep. I'll go home this afternoon and do my back & bicep before Survivor @8:00pm.

I checked my weight this morning and I've come back to 154lbs which is about where I thought I was. My biggest problem about the training class I am taking is the necessary amount of coffee required to stay away. Each day I have easily 2 large cups of coffee. But it's the cream and sugar that have me worried. I shouldn't be adding nearly as much junk to it.

**Breakfast update**
I've been adding a spoon full of salsa to my eggs+mushrooms, and it's absolutely fantastic. I highly suggest spicing up your morning egg-whites at nearly no calorie cost. The spicier the better!

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