Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 50 + 51: Sore-Throat (Skip)

"...I don't wanna hear no excuses from any o'you!" -Tony Horton- PlyoX

And here come the excuses...

Sunday and Today I have been plagued with a sore-throat. The illness came out of no where and is haunting my P90X routine. My original plan was to bump up a workout week to replace my rest week, but now that I am under-the-weather, I think I might as well just call this my rest week and take it easy. But then my Spain schedule will be altered... but that's okay. Do I really want to be wasting my very limited spare time up in Madrid with P90X? I think I'd rather go see things and explore the city than be in a hotel room doing Core Synergistics and KenpoX. So what you will likely see in the near future will be some additional days tacked onto the end of my 90-day calendar... Currently it looks like I will be adding about 14 days (12 for Spain and 2 for this week... so far). I'll call it P104X, because you know what... not everyone is perfect.


  1. Take it easy. Workout doesn't stop at Day 90 :), it keeps going on with your life. And overall you're already in a pretty good shape. Instead doing P90X in Spain, do sight seeing by walking around..that's exercise too. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Yea definitely don't like p90x bog down your trip, but if you find yourself with an extra hour and some energy, do some plyo!

    Per my 100x100 workout, it took about 40 minutes. Definitely a lot of standing around trying to recover for the next set of moves. Tried to keep myself moving with ballistic stretches during that time.

    About halfway through I thought I hit a wall. My biceps were telling me they didn't want to be helping with pullups. That was definitely the worst. I can see myself doing the routine again in the near future.