Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 17+ Legs and Back

I'm on week 3, headed into week 4... and just to get a feel for P90X+'s rest week, I took a glance at the schedule. To my surprise, the rest week for P90X+ is basically "regular" P90X! So much for having a nice and easy week 4.

I am really excited about tomorrow's Kenpo+! I think it'll be amazing! I really like the original kenpo, so I hope I get blown away by this one.

Apheresis went spectacularly uneventful - watched a terrible movie "Transylmania" and got a coupon for a free 1/2 gallon of Friendly's Icecream (WOOHOO)!

Got my hulkamania drink all lined up for today's workout. Gonna take it to the next level, adding heavier weights perhaps.

Weigh in for this morning: 150lbs (up about 3lbs from the start of P90X+, but mostly due to last weekend).


  1. Wow, time sure flies! I remembered not too long ago you just started P90X+. Btw, how much weight do you usually use for resistance workouts?

  2. Typically for things like arms (bicep/tricep) Im doing 25. Some of the harder ones 20lbs, some of the easier ones 30lbs.

    For shoulders I do 5,10,15lbs depending. Straight arms - typically 5lbs.

    For back, lawn mowers, etc: usually 35-40lbs. Dependa where it is in the workout, can't typically do very many at 40lbs for anything.

    Added resistance to lunges (curls and such) I usually just do 10 or 15lbs in each hand. Not enough to wear me out, but gives me something to do.

    Which reminds me I could (and probably should) post my workout sheets - scan them in or type them up nice.

    You're almost done your 2nd round! You must be excited!