Tuesday, May 25, 2010


"No Heels! I'll come to your house if your heels hit the deck!" -Tony Horton- Legs and Back

I'm back from Spain. Some of you might be wondering "So what's the damage?", "How much did you gain?", etc. etc. Well as the scale tells me this morning, I weigh 152lbs, which is actually 1lb less than I weighed before leaving for Spain. In all honesty, I know it's muscle mass... but knowing I didn't come back 165lbs or something atrocious, is quite appealing.

I'm sort of back on my schedule, Sunday I didn't have a pullup bar so I Kenpo'd instead... probably not the smartest substitution ever... but I think this week is going to be a bit discombobulated. Today I am doing Arms/Shoulder and I will be doing it at the gym, we'll see how that goes. I shouldn't have had any problem waking up at 5:00am today, the Jet lag should be working in my favor, but I was just generally tired from working 12 straight days.

Highlights from Spain (in bullet form):
* Plaza Mayor
* Pinto Punto
* Madrid Palace
* Iberian Jamon
* Tortilla (Spanish omelet)
* Tapas
* Paella
* European Coffee

I look forward to being back on the P90X band-wagon. But I need to be warned... Starcraft 2 looms out in the horizon, I hear it is a goals & productivity murderer and will stop at nothing to prevent my completion of P90X.

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