Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 10: Shoulders & Arms + RipperX

So today was another "easy" shoulder and arms day. I pretty much went all red/black bands. It was definitely more of a challenge, but still way easier than the first two exercises of the week.

The one thing I love about shoulder and arms day are the Tony Horton quotes. He says my two personal favorites, one is actually a favorite and the other is more "WTF, did he actually just say that?"

The two quotes are (in context):
*doing head rolls*
"Let the weight of your head do all the work. Mine weighs like 600lbs... and there ain't a damn thing in it."

*finishing arms and shoulders*
"I got one word for you "WOW!" and what's wow upsidedown? "MOM!"

Oh Tony... if I wasn't able to make fun of you, I don't know what my motivation would be to keep going.

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