Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 100: Chest and Back

"Imagine you gotta do 100 of em, 25 doesn't sound so bad." Tony Horton -AbripperX-

Days will be a little out of order, I will post Saturday's pictures today (but after work). So you'll see Day 98 post in the near future (even though the day count is lower). It makes sense.

The weekend was a lot of work. We got more done on the kitchen cabinets and we took down a tree, plus I did yardwork and cleaned the house. Ontop of that we had a wedding reception to go to. Very busy weekend, sorry I did not post anything.

I'm up a few pounds this morning. I believe it read 149lbs, I was a bit glazed over this morning, as I did not get a full night sleep. New squirrels have found their way into my attic, so exterminating them will be my mission for the next couple of days/weeks.

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  1. I thought squirrels are afraid of these are the brave ones?