Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 39: YogaX

"This isnt a crazy cult or religion...its just Ohms." -Tony Horton- YogaX

This is an Ohm:

And this is an Ohm meter:

Any Questions?

So my connection to Blogspot got lost somehow and I lost my post (silly me for not saving). I don't really feel like re-writing everything I had before, because it never quite comes out the same the 2nd time around (for whatever reason, forgot stuff, implied stuff gets lot, who knows). So I'll just say the hardest part about YogaX is waking up ontime to not be late for work.

A random comment I'd like to extrapolate on: Tony mentions... "Clear out all the garbage before and after, clear your mind..." and Wednesday is garbage day! So I always get a chuckle from that. Because it reminds me to take out the trash before I go to work!

But one more thing, if you want my opinion on recovery drinks (in general) I gave a fairly long answer to a simple question regarding them in my previous post's comment section. If you're too lazy to read it... I basically think the P90X recovery drink is a gimmick more than anything (even if it does work, it's way too expensive).


  1. Just found your blog.. awesome day 39! I'm barely on day 2 and cant wait to see the results ill have when im near you and then when I'm done with the program. Ill be reading your blog for motivation. Later!

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Keep it up! You're doing great so far! Trust me, you'll be able to do Wheel later on too :) Hopefully your injury will heal soon.