Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 54: Core Synergistics / Strep Throat?

"Slap it, slap it, make it feel good!" -Tony Horton- StretchX

So all my co-workers think I have some variant of Strep-Throat. I however still think it's just a particularly nasty sore-throat... It is getting better. But often when I wake up, is when the pain is the worst. So generally by the afternoon: 3-4 cups of tea + 30 lozenges later, I feel pretty good. So today I plan to do my hour of Core Synergistics, just to keep myself on-track. Nothing's worse than finding out you're 3 weeks behind schedule.

Also, I plan to bring my camera to Spain, so the two weeks that I am up there (eating restaurant food and presumably not working out...) I can show you my degradation. Hopefully it's not too bad.

Current weight: 152lbs (down 1 pound from last week).

*SPECIAL NOTE: Where does the abreviation "LB" come from for POUND? Anyone? Without wikipedia'ing it, I'm stumped.

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