Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 39+ Kenpo Cardio Plus - au naturale

Yesterday's training went well. The only snag I ran into was the loss of the pullup-bar which weighted heavily on legs for the first 10minutes or so and then weighted heavily for the back in the last 10 minutes. At least the middle was relatively normal. The trainer was very impressed with some of the more coordination oriented moves. He said that he'd likely try to perfect them and teach them to some people, which is cool. He also said that after seeing my workout today, he has Monday's training session already planned out - I think I'm going to be doing a lot of pullups, because I think he got the vibe I'm really into them, which I kinda am.

Paintballing this weekend. First time actually going paintballing with a group of people. I've shot the guns before and played capture the flag, but never together at the same time. Should be pretty exciting.

No More Chemicals:
These next two weeks or so, I am not going to be taking any of my workout enhancement chemicals. No creatine monohydrate, no JACK3D, no protein shakes. This is all because I want to avoid dependency. When you're on a product for a long period of time, your body can 'forget' how to produce those chemicals naturally (or produces it but at a reduced rate, since you have an external source). So the next two weeks will be me doing all the normal workouts without help and my body will have to figure out how to function on its own again. I'm also a bit concerned with the caffeine dependency from JACK3D. Every Friday (when I don't workout immediately following work) I have an afternoon lull that kicks in right around when I would be taking Jack3D, and since it's loaded with caffeine, it's like I'm missing my morning coffee. With that, I'll be shelving my products - also known as: The Hulk Drink, Juice, Roids, etc. I'll keep you updated when I'm about to get back on them - plus if I notice any major differences... next couple posts could be very interesting.

Metal vs Physical?

I've been answering a lot of yahoo answers (top contributor diet/fitness). And I find more often than not I answer people's diet questions with answers that involve mental strength more than physical prowess. Why? Well think about it, pain is in the mind, scheduling, goal setting, ambitions, your ideal physique... are all in the mind. So when you work out, if you're not mentally prepared to change the way you eat/take care of yourself, you'll never make it. So I've decided to share that with some people here. Diet&Fitness - its more than just getting your body in shape, it's getting your mind straightened out too!

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