Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 27: KenpoX instead of YogaX

Like every Friday thus far, I will be performing my exercise this afternoon. However, due to the low desire to do a 2nd day of YogaX this week, I've decided to swap it out for KenpoX. It's just a personal choice. I really like KenpoX and I think 1 YogaX per week is enough to satisfy me.

Tomorrow is my day 28 photos (which I will likely label as day 30 pics). It will be the beginning of phase 2! Rest week is coming to an end, how sad. But I am excited to pick up the new diet and the new exercise routines! Bring it Tony! I got your aging right here!

I have a lot of housework to do this weekend, so hopefully I'll save enough time to make legitimate posts.

My weigh in was 157lbs this morning. Looks like I am tracking that weight, I've been there for nearly 1 week. Perhaps that is where my body wants to stay on this diet.


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  2. I hate to burst your bubble buddy, but the no-carb diet works up until you start eating carbs again. Since your body has been "starved" from carbs, once you start eating them again, your body will store all of it back. Carbs are the primary source of engery during workouts, so I think Tony is hustling people with the diets. People see the results of the 30-day free trial and love it, but then gain it all back.

  3. True, I couldn't agree more. But in 2 more days I can start introducing slightly more carbs into my diet, although, the workouts also become more intense. I think the whole idea for the first 3 months is to get your body lean and used to the daily workouts.

    But I agree, if I stopped the program today and started eating normally, I should, in theory, regain my weight back (slow or fast).

  4. Correction "First 30 days" not 3 months.

    And just make the right choices is important too. For example today for lunch we went for all you can eat pizza for $6.50. Well I decided to bring my own lunch. Normally I would have taken the $6.50 buffet and eaten like crazy, but because I'm trying to stick to the diet, I brought my regular bagged lunch.