Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 38: Back and Biceps

"I almost blew out my esophagus!" -Tony Horton- Back&Biceps

***Happy Hippie New Year*** 4/20/2010 something smells funny...

I've decided that I really like the Back&Bicep workout from P90X. It's a shorter workout, with plenty of opportunity to increase the resistance. Last week, I found myself doing lots of Red-Band (30lbs) exercises. This week, I decided I needed a bit more, except I don't have any heavier gauge bands. So to fix the problem I deiced to use two bands. It's a little awkward for the grip, and near impossible for hammer curls, but for the regular bicep curls and lawnmower style exercises, it worked fantastically!

My only gripe with the Back&Bicep workout is the girl in the video, Katie. She looks a little bit like Jenna Fisher (Pam from The Office). But she's so bubbly and cheery and Tony's little A+ student answering all his questions and seemingly so excited to be in the video. I don't know why that irks me, but it does.

I love what Tony says at the end of the video though, in the last seconds before it switches over to AbripperX...

"TIM-EE, BOB-EE, KATE-EE, and oh, by the way, I'm Ton-EE! *under his breath* don't forget to drink a recovery drink"

Almost a full workout without hearing about the damned recovery drink... but alas, he mentions it at the very last possible moment. What a salesman!


  1. Do you do the recovery drink? that man sell sell sells that carp! I haven't used it or bought it, but it's tempting :-) I'm easy like that.

  2. So many people (like 5) have asked me that (in person, emails, etc). Personally, I think it's gimicky. Like most things that are pushed upon you - they're really only as good as the stuff that's in it. Nutrition guide says its 4parts protein 1 part carbs. So you could get the exact same effect by having a Tuna on Toast w/ a poweraide/gatorade (G2).

    I do own a container of whey protein. I hardly ever use the stuff because I have lactose problems (and it tastes terrible with water)... but the one time a week or so that I do consume it, it's because I either missed a snack, dug REALLY deep during a workout, or did some extra running after work.

    And to complete this response... I've read online at many other people's websites/forums that say "Any good tasting sugar/glycogen/protein drink will help revitalize you after a workout." Which includes Milk, Chocolate Milk, any particular recovery drink, and/or gatorade. Some say its part placebo, other say it just picks you back up after being drained (say after a race or PlyoX).

    I'm going to say Bologna to a P90X specific recovery drink - especially considering its $44.99 for 30servings. Comparible companies have similar (if not identical products) for much less; EnduroxR-4 ($23.00), PowerBar Recovery ($17.99), Rapid Recharge ($31.00), Chocolate Milk ($2.99 - for maybe 10 servings).

    And remember... Tony's got you watching 1.25hrs everyday, for 90days. Any logical buisiness person would NEVER throw away that type of advertising space. Even movies promote product-placement since they know if you watch it, you'll buy it.

    I wouldn't be a sucker. If you wanna try it, start with Chocolate Milk!

  3. Apparently chocolate milk has a great balance of complex carbs and protein. Not chocolate flavored protein shakes, just chocolate milk.

    I go the whey protein route as well. Gold Standard to be specific.