Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 29: Phase 2 "Stirring up trouble"

*RANDOM SHOUT OUT* Happy birthday Jake! The real question is, will you eat cake?

Just when things seem to be dandy; rest week, feeling good, eat'n healthy. Out of no-where Phase 2 comes along and kicks you straight in the junk. Chest/Tri/Shoulder workout currently has taken the leader-board as the hardest P90X workout to date. Never in my life have I done so many challenging push-ups directly followed by MORE push-ups followed by tris&shoulders. Holy cow, if you weren't feeling it before, welcome to toe big leagues. I can see why most people quit after 30ish days, they can't handle the intensity of this one routine!

Needless to say, I made it through. Exhausted. I flew through ab-ripperX, it just keeps getting easier, which is a sigh of relief.

I'm not yet sure how to tackle the new phase 2 diet plan yet. I've become so accustomed to reduced carbohydrates... I'm not sure I'm all that excited to suddenly bring them back. I'll give it a few more days to see how my energy levels are with the new workout schedule.

One bonus (which unfortunately happens all the way at the end of the video). Phil says a pretty funny line *During the famous Karen Pot-Stirrers* Tony asks "Phil, what soup do you have?" and Phil replies "I'm stirring up some trouble!" Well, Tony does not enjoy being the 2nd funniest guy in the room and gets pretty cranky the remaining 2 minutes of the stretches! Way to go Phil! You're my new hero.

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