Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 111: StretchX + Final Week Review

Well boys and girls, I posted my results and the last-day photos. Now it's time to look back and write any final thoughts, anything I failed to mention or anything that's just now cresting the mountain which is my brain.

After looking at my final photos compared to my originals, I clearly got in great shape. Probably the best shape I have been either in my life or in a long-long time. So I have to admit, P90X did deliver! But I am still a little disappointed that I did not gain the size I was looking for. Perhaps now that I am better accustomed to the diet and the workouts, I will be able to fine-tune and raise the weight/lower the reps to build some bulk.

I am almost certain I am going to go for another round. I definitely would like to take a few days off, really enjoy my sunny afternoons. So I would expect that in a few days you'll see an updated post Day 1b, Phase 2-Day 1, or day 112, I'm not yet sure how I am going to word it, but I'll think of something.

The end results:
Waist reduced from 31" to 28.5"
Weight reduced from 168lbs to 145lbs (23lbs lost)
Chinups increased from ~20ish to ~30ish
Pullups increased from ~15ish to ~25ish
Pushups increased from ~25-30 to 35-40
Confidence increased 100% - content with my new shape
Pride increased 100% - very proud that I finished
I don't trust the %bodyfat measurement enough to post it

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  1. You are in such a great shape! There's definitely lots of difference between your day 1 and day 90 pic! More tones! Congrats! My progress been really slow...but I'm not giving up!