Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 31: YogaX. Do your vin-ya-sa!!

So I woke up this morning and pumped out a solid hour and 32mins of YogaX. I feel pretty good, I haven't had much trouble with yoga... but I do find it is the longest/slowest workout of the P90X bunch. I have notice my stretch/reach has increase, although only slightly.

This morning I was tempted to see if there really was a magazine called "Downward Dog" but it turns out, there isn't. At least there isn't one advertised on the internet. I was hoping to put up a nice picture of the cover of downward dog magazine for my readers (possibly with a cropped image of my face...) but alas, I can not. So to fill the void, I found the above Irish-Yoga picture, which looks a lot more appealing to me... just maybe not first thing on a Wednesday morning.

I had my first real serving of carbs yesterday at the Apheresis banquet. It was rice-pilaf and it was delicious.

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