Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 21+ Chest and Back

A couple things today... First, let me introduce you to P90X+'s idea of a rest week... Chest+Back, Plyo, C/S/T, StretchX, Back&Bicep, YogaX. Seriously!? This is standard P90X as a rest week. Joy, I can already see the how pace of the next 69 days are going to go - TOUGH. Not only tough because of a lack of a true rest week, but so much is happening in the next 2 months! I'm going to do my best to stay on schedule.

My weight this morning was 148lbs. I'm very surprised that I did not tip the 150lb mark over the weekend. I ate quite a few carbs and sweets, I even recall a soda in there. But it was the workouts that saved me. Specifically Kenpo Cardio X Plus.

The routine was short. 40minutes to be exact. The moves were fast! The breaks were short and the sweat was flowing! All I could do was try to keep up. A lot of the moves were very strange. Previously I was used to Jab,cross,hook,uppercut. But now the moves are Jab, Knee, Uppercut, back-kick, front-kick, pivot, stab, impale, roundhouse kick to the face, doublebackflip, kidney-blow. Among other things.

And the shuffling of the feet between moves keeps the blood pumping.

Only downside? The whole warmup and cooldown is basically 10minutes of yoga! Which could totally turn me off if I'm not in the mood for it. Nobody wants to taint KenpoX (a fun exciting fast paced workout) with yoga, eww!

Going to be an interesting week for me. Tomorrow, Starcraft 2 hits the stores (already bought my copy). And then Thursday, I take the afternoon off to go to a beach-house up in Ontario for the weekend. I'm going to sum this week up in 2 pictures:

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  1. Kenpo X+ sounds very complicated! Nice beach house btw!