Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 36+37: Chest/Tri/Shoulders + PlyoX

"Hamburger bad, fries bad, coca-cola bad. There you go, I said it, drink your water people!" -Tony Horton- PlyoX

Two solid workouts, back to back. I didn't find Chest/Tri/Shoulders any easier the 2nd time around, still as challenging as I remember it was the first time through. PlyoX, however, is starting to get pretty easy. I still get sweaty and gross, but I'm not nearly as tired when I finish.

This morning, I feel a bit crummy about my breakfast (a power-bar purchased back from 2005). I think power-bars and Twinkies have the same longevity properties... after a nuclear explosion there will be 3 things left at ground zero; Twinkies, power bars, and cockroaches. It's not that power-bars are necessarily bad for me, it's just hyped up junk food. Still has saturated fat, has 14% carbohydrates, and for whatever reason, chewing on them makes my jaw go numb. It's like gnawing on leather.

This weekend I opened up the diet a bit. I still do not believe I cheated... but some of my meals included Sushi, Kabobs, and buckets of fruit. The portions were probably more than necessary, which is probably why I just feel genuinely bad about the weekend... more so than the food itself.

I received my bedroom furniture from Ashley Furniture over the weekend. So hopefully I'll have some good night sleeps in the near future.

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