Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 87: YogaX

"haha...I love okra!" -Tony Horton- Chest&Back

2nd week in a row, where waking up at 5:15am is just NOT happening. I think this is the first time in P90X history, when I'll be doing YogaX in the afternoon. Previously, even bad weeks, I could wake up and get yoga done before work. I will NOT be wearing a backpack for yogaX.

I weighed myself this morning. 148lbs. That puts me at a total weight loss of 20lbs. Pretty good so far. I'm amazed that I can still lose a pound or two here and there. I thought after the initial first push, I'd be at my minimum. Well turns out that minimum is a moving target.

I do want to send out a warning to any video-game players (in particular RTS people)... Starcraft 2 is coming out in about 1 month. July 27th 2010. For many of you, this release won't matter. You're lives will continue on at a normal pace. But for many others, it will be a life-changing event that will be similar to a hostile takeover! I already know how the BETA has affected some P90Xers and I am pretty sure it will affect me when the game comes out, but hopefully P90X will be complete and I'll just be in either Round2 or doing the workouts semi-regularly. We'll see what happens, I'm super excited about the game. I've been watching some play-by-plays on youtube, very fun!

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