Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 37+ Training the Trainer...

Let me explain. So previously I had told you that one of the trainers at the gym wanted me to become a trainer. That's cool. Well now a different trainer wants me to show him some of the things I do for 1 hour on Thursday. In return he'll show me some things (without a trainer fee) on Monday. So that's kinda cool. But now the question becomes, what do I show him?

I was thinking I would do a mixed version of all the best P90X exercises that don't require weights. Things like super-skaters, corn-cob pullups, 80-20 debie seiber squats, widefly-pushups, diamond pushups, divebomber pushups, side-tri-rise, side to side pushups, balance pushups, plyo pushups, chinups, pullups, deadlift squats, who knows? Whatever I put together needs to last about 1hr though. And they've gotta be good!

It'll be my turn to be Tony Horton for a day! WOOHOO. That means I get to say random nonsensical gibberish "DIAMONDS OF GOLD!"


  1. He might know about chinups already. I think maybe some of the ab ripper stuff would be really good. Most girls (at least) want exercises for their abs and would go to a trainer for them; some of the legs stuff too. That way he can use it on his clients later.

  2. That sounds like fun. Make sure you show him & then make him do them in front of you just like a real trainer/trainee relationship;-) Although if your going to get worked out after....he might hold it against you. Again, super nice compliment!

  3. Nice one! Also do you think you can do one arm push up yet? And I agree with Marsha, some of Ab Ripper X moves might be good too. Anyway you should be proud of yourself! :D