Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 4+ KenpoX

I've reached 100 POSTS! Woohoo!

So looks like next week will be my official start to the P90X+ routine which has all new workouts and doubles and interval training and craziness that I can only imagine.

The past couple of weeks I have been doing P90X routines at the gym, since it's nicely air conditioned (and heck I'm paying for it). Well a lot of people have been asking me "Oh what's that you're doing?" or "What's a good stretch for (insert your favorite muscle group here)?" or "What program are you using?" and I tell them. But yesterday was a bit strange because one of the TRAINERS came up to me and was like "You'd make an excellent fitness trainer, have you ever thought about it" and I told him NO, because really I have a pretty good job and I don't think I'd switch to become a trainer. But the gears were turning in my head if I should take the course that certifies me... probably not my thing. Besides half the stuff I tell people to do is verbatum from Tony Horton, the other half is my crazy pre-P90X stuff I used to do.

Oh well, Kenpo tonight! Gotta get those 2.5lb weights out!


  1. That's a nice compliment to receive! Good for you!

  2. Nice compliment you got there :D You should be proud for yourself