Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 43+ Was that a train or a bus that hit me?

Does it matter? I was hit by a trainer, a far worse scenario. So 1 hour with the trainer, and this is after I made him do about 120 pullups/lunges/pushups. He knows I can take a beating, and he came back with a vengeance.

(I wrote down all the moves we did... but I left it in my gym bag)

For starters we did about 5minutes of stretching and quick chatting. Then he reached into his bag'o tricks and pulled out a 20ft long (what looked like sailing rope) but was actually a bungee. He had me first go through a series of Judo moves "Grab'n throw" style stuff 15 times over each shoulder. Then into swimming, skiing, curls, extensions, flies, press with no rest in between and each exercise he kept taking a step back making the bungee even more taught.

Then, he throws me the heaviest medicine ball in the gym and says "Squat-jump-shoot" and when I shoot, he'll pass me a smaller medicine ball and catch the heavy one. Making this an alternating weight squat-jump-press. 20 reps. I was already dead. But we went straight into lunge-twists, holding the medicine ball. 20 each side. How I survived, I'll never know.

Without a stop we went down to the floor, pushup-tear downs (here comes the revenge for the large amounts of pushups I made him go through), except these tear downs were 5 second rest between sets of 25, 20, 15, 10, and 5. The 15's and 10's were my worst. But it totalled 75 pushups straight.

I think I at this point I grabbed some water. I was pretty sweaty. But then we hit the floor for some abs. We did jack-knifes 4 ways, but the one that I remember most vividly was the medicine ball in my hands (heavy) and the smaller one between my ankles. Then going full extension and then curling up to the ceiling. But I also did 1 leg jack-knife, side jack-knife, and alternating 1hand-1leg jack-knife.

Balance lunge on ball - yeah finally something I'm familiar with. This one was actually okay. He had me hold + curl 15lb weights, which I was okay with. Following that I did super-skaters holding a 12.5lb weight then doing a knee-lift press during the up-swing of the super skater. I actually took this time to catch up with myself, because I am pretty toasty at this point.

Then we hopped back to abs. Plank/sphinx/knee-tuck on the ball for 90 seconds. Then to plank 60 seconds. 1 leg plank 30sec each side. to mountain climber (alternating fast-feet in from a pike-position).

Then we rounded it all off with some super-sets on the exercise ball 15lbs(heavy) 10lbs(light) 20reps each time for each exercise... Arnold-Press (shoulder press with a twist at the bottom) 20x15lbs + 20x10lbs, to bicep curls 20x15lbs + 20x10lbs, to alternating shoulder press 20x15lbs + 20x10lbs, to alternating bicep curls 20x15lbs + 20x10lbs, to peck-flies 20x15lbs + 10x15lbs, to triceps extensions 20x15lbs + 20x10lbs, to finally close-grip press 20x15lbs + 20x10lbs. Please let it be over...

Thankfully it was. It took about 50minutes and we took some time at the end to stretch and go over all the moves we did. I think we totalled about 25moves. But a lot of them were LONG! But man o man I was pooped at the end.

I think I'll do legs and back today.

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  1. I wish you took a before & after; sounds extremely hard, but that you had some fun:-)