Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 75: Legs and Back

"He's from Belgium, it's cold up there all the time" -Tony Horton- Legs&Back

Today was TOUGH! Legs and back is a demanding workout, and I haven't done it in 3 weeks... and looking at the numbers from 3 weeks ago, I wanted to perform at least close to where I left off. Nope. Not happening. Infact, I tried to match my 24 chinups out of the box, I fell short by 8. The next set was no better, falling 10 or more behind. And I was so drained I skipped the first round of switch grip, and did not jump during 80-20's. For my performance during today's workout, I give myself a C+. Much like homework, I did it, finished most of the problems with the correct answer, but just took the hit on the hard questions and either left them blank or just half-assed it.

On the bright side, yesterday was a FITNESS EVALUATION at work. It's about enrollment time for health/dental/optical benefits, so they are offering free fitness exams. They measure things like grip strength, lung capacity, body fat %, BMI, cholesterol, glucose, bloodpressure, flexibility, and a few other things. Overall, quite the gambit of tests. But the one that shocked me the most was body fat %...

I was expecting perhaps 10%? (which is on the low side of an average 27 y/o male). Turns out I am 4.6%. WTF when did that happen? I almost wasn't on the chart. I was in the Very-Very Low (VVL) category (of 7 total brackets VVL, VL, L, Avg, H, VH, VVH) which bottomed out at 4.2%.

So I guess the name of the game for me now is to start building some muscle.

And the rest of the fitness evaluation was delightfully average (with the exception of my freakishly low blood pressure 90/58 - which I'm already aware of).

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