Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 32: Legs and Back + Green Bean Soup, kinda nasty dude.

"It's balistic, it's static, its Stablatic! I'm making up stuff!" -Tony Horton-

Well, I still haven't hit the 120 leg/back pullup count yet. I was able to reach 114 today. Slowly getting closer. The diet in the past few weeks has been really good. Even though I'm in phase 2, I'm still sticking with phase 1 diet. My only exception was the rice pilaf at the banquet. I've lost another pound, putting me around 155lb (unofficially).

I *think* I'm developing a 6 pack. At least after abripperX I see a pretty serious outline of what is to come. Again, I don't want to make too many claims until all the info is in. Pictures will go up on Saturday as usual.

It's getting closer to summer and I'm about 57ish days away from being done, which puts me at Friday June 11th (assuming no missed workouts because of work/personal life).

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