Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 31+ Back and Bicep

Random story I heard on the news on my drive to work: 5hour Energy has taken on a lawsuit of $105million because there is a claim that the energy drink has caused a heart attack in a young-man. Insane! I always see the ads on the internet and see them at the checkout counter as I'm leaving the grocery store. Hard to imagine those little bottles of vitamins + caffeine could give somebody (without a pre-condition) a heart attack. That's like having a morning starbucks coffee give you a heart attack... could you really file a lawsuit against coffee? Oh wait, they did back in 1994 Liebeck vs Mcdonalds for 2.86million, and that didn't even involve a death. The joys of the judicial system.

In other news, trying my best to bring my weight down back to normal P90X graduate weights (below 150). I'm hanging in there from my binge weekend, but only by a thread. The last two days workouts were tough ones, although I thought I did an exceptional job yesterday with CST. One handed pushups anyone? Managed to muscle out 12 per side, a new record.

I've swapped out leg climber for scissor climber in abripperX. I learned it from Ab-core Plus. You do a leg climber, then while in half-boat, swap legs and come down with the opposite leg up in half-boat. It's quite nice. Very ab-tastic. And I have been adding some hanging leg-raises to the tail end of the AbripperX, just because I think they are good for my lower abs, which have been the last things to really show. We'll see how that all works in a couple weeks.

All my fallen trees/branches have been picked up. Thank you town traffic department.

Been playing starcraft 2 in the late afternoons, been a lot of fun so far!

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