Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 24: KenpoX and AbripperX

Strange combination...

Rest week, not a whole lot going on. Since today would normally be my YogaX day, I was up a bit earlier than normal. When I finished KenpoX, there was enough time remaining to do a little bit extra. I busted out AbRipperX and did it. Tomorrow is stretchX, I'm not yet sure if I will replace it with something more challenging (Perhaps cardioX or coresynergistics).

But since it is a boring week, let me talk about another item I've been using.

Gold's Gym Fitness & Yoga Mat:
I'm not exactly crazy about this piece of equipment. It's thick and "cooshie" as Tony would say, but I don't think it's that durable. I've only used it for 3 weeks now and it already has scuff marks and places where the foam padding is rubbing off. However, I have been using it 5 times a week, sometimes with shoes.

The good part about it is that the padding is really thick. Great for standing poses in yoga and downward dog type positions. But if you plan to move on it, say stretching from pigeon to gluet stretch, the grippiness/friction from the pad makes it difficult to move and often the mat lifts or folds on the ground. Perhaps it would work better on a hardwood/tile surface?

I bought it for $19.00 at walmart. It will very likely survive my P90X adventure, but I doubt it'd last a 2nd time through. If you buy this item, I'd suggest not wearing shoes on it. I've found this really wears top of the material down.

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