Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 43: Chest Tri Shoulders

Overall, pretty good weekend. I was able to put in my KenpoX on Friday afternoon, enjoy my restX Saturday, and first thing this morning pumped out another solid session of Chest/Tri/Shoulders. My big improvement this week were the 10x2 one-armed push ups (on my knees), up a whopping 4x2 from last week. Go me!

Also, this weekend dawned the first "dessert esque" item I've had since the beginning of the program. For a snack, at the mall, I had a Mrs. Fields smoothie, which was amazing. Yes, it's not a part of the diet... yes it has lots of sugar (even though I don't know how much), and yes I do feel a bit guilty about it... But it was so good!

*While doing weighted shoulder-rolls... Phil's not feeling the burn quite yet*
"... NO!? He's a machine! They call him La Maquina!...that's Spanish..."

Work has thrown a curve ball into my P90X routine. Between May 10th-20th, I will be travelling to Madrid to do some plant-testing. So I'll to my best to juggle a rest week around so that I can use those days while I am up in Spain. This way I wont need pull-up bars and bands. But since it's about 2 weeks up there, I'll have to figure out what I am going to do with the remaining 5-6 days that I wont be on a rest-schedule. Any suggestions? I do believe the hotel will have a gym (but hotel gyms are never very good).

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